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Our dog training has helped hundreds of families in the San Francisco Bay Area to change their lives by problem solving and building communication with their pets.

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dog training 

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training

We use science, not intimidation or pain, to help your dog shine. 

How can we work with your dog to transform your life?



Sit, stay, down, recall (coming when called), leave it, walking nicely on leash

Basic Obedience

Polite greetings, impulse control (jumping on guests, food monsters), mouthing

Puppy Training

Housebreaking, crate-training, socialization, proper chewing habits

Easing Fear and Anxiety

Improving fear of strangers, car rides, separation anxiety and more!

Improving Walking Skills

Barking and lunging on leash (leash reactivity), pulling, heel

Senior and Special Needs Dogs 

Sight and hearing loss, physical disabilities, cognitive disfunction

Separation Anxiety

Teaching a dog to be comfortable when alone and overcoming barking, howling, destruction, elimination and other signs of fear and panic.  

Our Separation Anxiety Dog Training Program is unique. Find more here.

Step-by-step dog training plans are personalized to each individual case.

Choose from one of our training options below!

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Owner Coaching

This approach is great for hands-on owners who want to participate in their dog's education. 

Our professional dog trainers will work one-on-one with you and your dog to teach you new skills and improve your communication*.

$150/75-min initial consultation

$135/1-hr follow-up dog training session

*Please note that we can provide you with a minimum estimate of training time but every dog is different and may require more or less time for learning or rehabilitation.

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Virtual Dog Training

This approach is ideal for preparing for a new pet and for working with certain behavior problems.** This approach saves you money without sacrificing any of the expertise or benefits of our other training options. 

Meet with our head trainer via a free videoconferencing platform in a live virtual behavior consultation and receive a customized training plan.

$120/1-hr training consultation

$180/1-hr training consultation + customized training plan



In what seems like no time, [Modern Hound] helped us train Mookie so that she alerts us when she needs to go out, walks well on a leash, comes when she’s called and will not run away off leash. We’re so happy we found Modern Hound! [They] are worth every penny and we know we have an ally we can call with any questions.
— Sherry B. and Mookie
Over our five sessions we have seen an absolute night and day change in Tully’s behavior. There is no way we could have accomplished this on our own...
— Annemarie L. and Tully

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separation anxiety  

Treatment for separation anxiety in dogs

Pensive MinnieS


Separation Anxiety can be triggered by scary experiences or major life changes including moving, neighborhood construction or exposure to excessive noise like fireworks. Many dogs experience Separation Anxiety after spending time in a shelter; they may panic when their new family leaves them due to the recent trauma of being abandoned. There is also a genetic component to some Separation Anxiety cases.


What are symptoms of Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety looks different for every dog. Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • barking, howling, or whining throughout your absence (constantly or intermittently)

  • urinating or defecating while you are away

  • causing destruction to property, including doors and walls

  • self-harming

  • constant pacing or circling

  • excessive panting or drooling

  • refusal to eat or drink water


Separation Anxiety is not logical. Fear and anxiety prevent the mind from working normally. Your dog is incapable of understanding that your absence is temporary because of their panic.

Teddy responded extremely well to the program. We are comfortable with him being home alone for hours at a time now, which was not possible before.
— Ben & Alexa D. and Teddy
Sleepy Boston Terrier Mojo


Every dog is different and starts at a different point. Some dogs can be left alone comfortably for 10 minutes when beginning the training; others may not be able to be alone while their guardian is a different room. This is a messy, emotional disorder and we cannot determine in advance how long it will take for a dog to be able to be left alone for several hours. 


Separation Anxiety is treatable using a process of gradual desensitization. This type of training has proven successful in hundreds of cases. Studies show it is the most effective methodology for treating the root cause of Separation Anxiety. There are no guarantees in any dog training (beware of anyone who tells you otherwise!) but our methodology gives our clients an excellent chance of overcoming this disorder.

Why choose this method of Separation Anxiety training?

Our Separation Anxiety training completely changes your dog's response to being alone rather than targeting only the symptoms, such as barking or elimination. Dogs that have completed our program no longer panic when being left alone. No panic means your dog's life, and yours, will be much more comfortable and relaxed!

Finally, some help for my awesome dog, Brady Blue. I know so much more now about Separation Anxiety and how to help. [Working with] email, Google sheets and Zoom worked extremely well. Great communication!
— Barbara D. and Brady Blue

our separation anxiety dog training plan


To be successful in overcoming your dog’s Separation Anxiety, you will need to commit to working with them 30 minutes per day, five days per week. You choose the training times that fit best with your schedule.

We provide you with:

– customized, daily step-by-step mission plans that show you exactly what to do

– an initial assessment and weekly online sessions to assess your dog’s progress

– advice, answers and motivation five days each week

$220/week (4-week minimum)



To be successful in overcoming your dog’s Separation Anxiety, you will need to commit to working with them 30 minutes per day, five days per week. You choose the training times that fit best with your schedule.

We provide you with:

– an initial assessment and weekly online sessions to assess your dog’s progress

- detailed handbook for setting training criteria and overcoming problems

– regular advice, answers and motivation 



DIY Starter Package

Want to try to tackle your dog's separation anxiety on you own? Our DIY package can set you on the right track to move overcome your dog's separation anxiety.

We provide you with:

- an initial assessment

- a detailed handbook for setting training criteria and overcoming problems

- a 90-min videoconferencing tutorial and discussion about your dog's needs






We are able to provide the same level of support and training to clients in the San Francisco Bay Area just as easily as we are able to work with clients around the U.S., Canada and the Globe. All you need is an internet connection and the desire to help your dog overcome their Separation Anxiety.

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To get started email OR fill out our contact form 

we will contact you to schedule a free 30-min Initial Phone Call.

The phone call is followed by an Initial Assessment of your dog’s case and a customized training plan to coach you through the process of overcoming your dog’s Separation Anxiety.

Please note that there is a four-week minimum commitment to participate in our Separation Anxiety Program.


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How can Modern Hound help you and your dog?


Phone: 415.562.7196



I highly recommend Modern Hound. It’s not exaggerating to say that [they] have truly transformed my relationship with my two dogs.”
— Brandon B. and Sona & Moti

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After several years with Modern Hound now, I can absolutely say they are the best!
— Leila Z. and Sencha


About Us

Meet your san francisco dog training and care team


Shoshi Parks, Ph.D., CPDT-ka, CSAT

Owner, Head Trainer and separation anxiety specialist

Modern Hound is a local San Francisco company owned and operated by Shoshi Parks, Ph.D., CPDT-ka, CSAT.

Shoshi is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (CSAT). She completed the San Francisco SPCA's Dog Training Internship Program and Public Teaching Internship and is certified by the Canine Behavior Academy of the Marin Humane Society.

In addition to her private dog training, Shoshi teaches Fido Home Alone, Adolescent Manners, Just the Basics and New Dog 101 training classes at the San Francisco SPCA. She volunteers as a dog trainer for Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Shoshi is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, is certified in dog first aid and CPR and is fully bonded and insured for pet care. In 2009, Shoshi earned a Ph.D. from Boston University in the Social Sciences.

Shoshi started Modern Hound in 2011 to fill the need for highly skilled and trained humane, positive-reinforcement dog training. She is passionate about helping people to build the best relationship possible with their pets by teaching new skills, improving behavior problems, and providing excellent care for working and traveling parents.

She writes about dog training, dog behavior and dog lifestyle for a number of publications including 7x7, Hoodline, Vitabone and BayWoof.

Shoshi lives in San Francisco's NOPA neighborhood with her two animal loves, Osito and Phoebe.

Lauren Kunin dog trainer at Modern Hound

Lauren kunin

Dog Trainer

Lauren earned her Certificate in Training and Behavior Consultation at the Dog Training Internship Academy in San Francisco in 2015. She is also a graduate of dog*tec’s Dog Walking Academy, and is certified in pet first aid and CPR.

Lauren previously worked for a cage-free doggie daycare and boarding company, has years of experience as a pet sitter, and has volunteered at multiple animal rescue shelters. She currently volunteers at the San Francisco SPCA and Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Lauren joined Modern Hound in 2014, when she left her career in nonprofit and administrative management to pursue something that brought her great joy: working with dogs. She has been actively learning about canine behavior and training under Shoshi’s mentorship ever since.

Lauren has a B.A. in Global and International Studies from UC Santa Barbara.



Nicole and Joey Frediani, dog sitters at Modern Hound

Nicole and joey frediani

Dog Sitters

Nicole, born and raised in Hawaii, started a career in the spa industry fourteen years ago. Always a dog lover, Nicole found a wonderful perk of her career: the chance to develop personal relationships with clients who had pets and needed house/pet sitting. When she moved to San Francisco a year and a half ago, Nicole needed a new doggy fix and began volunteering with dogs at the SF SPCA. Then one happy day in 2013, Nicole discovered Modern Hound. When she approached her husband Joey about the possibility of dog sitting, Joey was all for it! As a dog lover who grew up with dogs - Fresca a white German Shepherd mix, Scruffy, a Wirehaired Terrier mix, and later, Mila the Jack Russell - Joey thought team dog sitting would be a fun activity he and Nicole could do together. As part owner of a window cleaning business, the team sitting option allows Joey and Nicole to work around each other's schedules in order to give dogs in their care the best experience possible. They are an awesome team and a proven success with both canine and human clients!